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Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill

9th Ward New Orleans

Taking the city bus to the 9th Ward is a ride into another New Orleans.  People there are waiting. 

Most city blocks have a few houses, but there are many blocks of prairie.  On one of those city blocks were 4 houses, one occupied, the other four without windows, doors and walls (drywall) .  In one of those empty houses without windows and doors sat a man on a folding chair, in the middle of the front room.  He was dressed in a white shirt and black pants.  As I passed he noticed me.  He was just sitting there. Waiting.  I thought, this is a ghost. Or, maybe he was real,  and was just hanging on to a life that went away suddenly. 

The 9th Ward is quiet, like graveyard quiet.  Folks that I did make eye contact with, looked extremely pissed off.  No response to a Arlington Foley friendly wave.  The tour buses going through Bradville, (15 houses)  seemed very unnecessary. I had lunch at a gas station. The gas station was the only functioning business for blocks. They had a deli counter that sells sandwiches and fried chicken. Fried chicken that would have made Miss Marilyn grin.  I ordered the catfish instead. Because it took 15 minutes to cook the frozen fish, I was able to hangout at this neighborhood hub. 

Customers bought gas and lottery.  This ward has no public schools open.

Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill

New Orleans 9th Ward Sky

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