Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill Blog Galatoire’s Restaurant 105th Anniversary

Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill

Galatoire's Restaurant French Quarter

Galatoire’s Restaurant New Orleans, located in the French Quarter celebrates its 105th anniversary this year. According to Chris the owner their seafood dishes which they have been serving for 105 years, I am talking about the same dishes, have not been affected by the gulf of mexico oil spill. They use the same suppliers which are fishing more west these days, staying out of the infamous “area 7” in the gulf. Galatoire’s Restaurant is family owned,  employing some of the most famous waiters in New Orleans. Some have been employed for over 20 years. 

Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill

Galatoire’s Restaurant

Arnold S. Chabaud, Jr. meets me at the front door before opening,  so I can take a couple of photos.  He has been working there as a manager for over 20 years, but he plays it down,  like he has been there a for week. This place could be a museum. The waiters and cook staff going through their morning routine, 105 years of routine.  Tradition at it’s finest. This is a place everyone should experience, that is how it is set up, and I’ll bet they never have had an unhappy customer in 105 years. Mr. Arnold always makes sure the tabasco is flowing.


Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill

Arnold S. Chabaud, Jr. of Galatoire's Restaurant


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