Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill Blog Related Links Update

Interior Secretary Takes Fire From Congress Over Agency’s Criminal Offenses

Tougher rules are ahead for offshore drilling

Who’s to Blame for the Gulf Oil Spill?

A New Setback in Efforts to Contain the Gulf Oil Spill –

GlobalWarming.House.Gov | Oil Spill in the Gulf LiveCam

Gulf oil spill-

Gulf Coast oil spill could eclipse Exxon Valdez – Yahoo! News

National Geographic airs special on Gulf oil spill

BP Oil Spill Probes Find Deficiencies, Disagreements (Correct)

Obama cites Gulf oil spill in alternative energy push

Gulf oil spill: Is MMS so corrupt it must be abolished?

Gulf of Mexico oil spill 2010: The worst-case scenario |

Gulf of Mexico oil spill dispersant strategy evolves as questions …

The Associated Press: Some oil spill events from Friday, May 7, 2010

Day 42: The Latest on the Oil Spill

Obama blames 30-day legal limit for role in oil spill

BP has lost third of its value since Gulf spill began

Special Report: Inside BP’s War Room

BP stock tumbles as feds announce oil-spill probes – Yahoo! News

Photographers Say BP Restricts Access to Oil Spill – Newsweek

Gulf businesses say BP aid on oil spill too slow

Scientists hike estimates on flow rate of BP spill

BP Oil Spill: Is it time for the Pentagon to take over?

Gulf oil spill: Anger mounts on Capitol Hill

BP’s PR Blunders Mirror Exxon’s, Appear Destined for Record Book

BP deploys deepsea sensors to better measure spill

Bloomberg Defends BP’s Chief Over Oil Spill in the Gulf

Oil spill – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Deepwater Horizon oil spill – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

BP stock tumbles as feds announce oil-spill probes – Yahoo! News – Titanic Director Takes a Shot at Oil Spill ‘Morons’

Bob Dudley is BP’s new oil-spill point man on gulf’s troubled shores

Turtle Deaths Called Result of Shrimping, Not Oil Spill

Compensation Chief Reassures Oil Spill Victims

Oil spill efforts ramp up as storm eyed anxiously

Residents debate oil spill prevention

If you’re traveling to the Gulf Coast, here are some helpful resources

Oil-spill victims compensated for lost wages will have to pay taxes

Gulf oil spill: Tar, sheen and conflicting messages greet beachgoers

Oil spill: storm could threaten BP clean-up for 14 days, says Coast Guard

FACTBOX-Developments in the Gulf of Mexico oil spill

162 cases of illness linked to oil spill reported in Louisiana

US official: oil spill shows need for green energy

BP (NYSE:BP) – Company Responsible for Oil Spill 2010 a Takeover Target?

Gulf of Mexico coastal states and tourists prepare for Hurricane Alex and oil …

BP spill hits a somber record as Gulf’s biggest – Yahoo! News

News Analysis – Gulf Oil Spill Is Bad, but How Bad? –

Day 71: The Latest on the Oil Spill

Florida Outlines BP Gulf Oil Spill Response For July 1, 2010

Storm Continues to Hinder Work on Oil Spill

BP spill hits a somber record as Gulf’s biggest

NOAA computer models predict coastal areas to be hit by oil spill

Volunteers ready but left out of spill cleanup

Super-tanker skimmer arrivers in Gulf to help with oil spill

BP costs for oil spill response pass $3 billion – Yahoo! News

BP: Oil Spill Costs Reach $3.1 Billion

Day 75: The Latest on the Oil Spill

Blimp arrives for Gulf spill cleanup as oil reaches Texas

BP Wants Partners to Help Shoulder Spill Cost

BP Won’t Issue New Equity to Cover Spill Costs

Wildlife agency predicted low risk from oil spills

Gulf Oil Spill Day 79: Cleanup Hampered

Oil spill reaches Lake Pontchartrain

BP Chief Hayward in Abu Dhabi, May Court Investors

MZ-3A: How Does a Blimp Help the Gulf Oil Spill?

Coast Guard finds resources strained by Gulf of Mexico oil spill response

BP: Gulf oil spill could be stopped this month

Feds Create New Web Site For Gulf Oil Spill

Tony’s Travels Give BP a Boost

Oil spill turning point: Tar balls in Lake Pontchartrain

Obama team asks BP to explain new sealing plan on oil spill

Buffett Says BP CEO Hayward Will Have to Go After Oil Spill, Yahoo Reports

Gulf Oil Moratorium Case Defines BP Oil Spill Federal Response

Texas looks to take the lead on protection from future oil spills and energy …

BP Oil Spill — Oil Pipeline Is New Plan B

Kevin Costner’s oil spill clean-up ship sets sail

At a Glance: Oil spill briefs

Gulf oil spill update: More tar balls hit Texas, NOAA forecast, oil on Orange …

Keep politics out of Gulf oil spill

Endangered Sea Turtle Eggs To Be Moved During Oil Spill

BP Oil Spill: Obama’s Gulf Deep Water Drilling Halt Should Get Out The Way

BP oil spill could be contained, not stopped, by Monday, Thad Allen …

Coast Guard: Most Texas tar balls not from spill

US Navy’s MZ-3A Blimp to Make First Gulf Oil Spill Mission

Louisiana Oil Spill 2010 PHOTOS: Gulf Of Mexico Disaster Unfolds

Some oil spill events from Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Gulf oil spill: New moratorium explained

BP Shares Extend Bounce on Oil Spill Containment Cap

Apache sees opportunity in BP Alaska assets

Obama Administration Bills BP, Others $100M More For Oil Spill

US official defends new deepwater oil drilling ban

Crude from Gulf oil spill found on 2nd Texas beach

Gulf oil spill: BP vice president explains concerns behind delay of crucial …

The Gulf oil spill and the lessons not learned from Exxon Valdez

Scientists say Gulf spill altering food web

Energy bill to debut as shadow of itself

New Orleans Mayor Had a Full Plate Even Before the Spill

Fed Urges Banks to Help Customers Affected by BP Oil Spill

Crude from Gulf oil spill found on 2nd Texas beach

Corrected: Oil spill muddies bank M&A in US Gulf

BP expects higher costs for oil spill

Anadarko, Mitsui refuse to reimburse for spill costs: BP

Gulf oil spill: BP begins closing valves on leaking well and monitoring conditions

Gulf oil spill: Congress moves oil legislation

Ban or no ban; two polls, two answers

Gulf oil spill capped for second day

Day 86: The Latest on the Oil Spill

Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill: Too Soon to Celebrate, Scientists Monitoring Capped …

BP ‘accelerating’ asset sales after Gulf oil spill

BP: Payments top $200M for Gulf oil spill loses

Day 86: The Latest on the Oil Spill

Louisiana Gov. Jindal, nungesser, Taffaro Praise With BP Oil Spill Progress

Is the Gulf oil spill really sealed?

Gulf forecast: Cloudy with a chance of tar balls

Reports: BP, Apache Talks Over Asset Sale Stall; Oil Seep Detected Near Capped …

A Whale won’t be part of Gulf response

Oil spill threatens Gulf oyster industry, livelihoods

Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill – 2010 July Updates

Angst over oil spill casts shadow as consumers shun untainted seafood

Louisiana Building Islands to Aid in Oil Cleanup

Halliburton CEO: Sees ‘New Regulatory Climate’ In US Gulf

Florida Outlines BP Gulf Oil Spill Response For July 20, 2010

Halliburton sees leaner days ahead in the Gulf

For Travelers to Gulf of Mexico Region, Starwood Launches Summer Offers …

Day 90: The Latest on the Oil Spill

Sandra Bullock Urges Fans to Help with Gulf Oil Spill

Gulf Oil Seepage Not from Capped Well, Feds Say

Gulf of Mexico Update: 2010 Beaches in Florida are OPEN!

Ex-Bush Officials: Massive Spill Was Unthinkable

Halliburton expects leaner days in Gulf

BP Oil Spill Live Feed Update: BP is Back to Solve the Oil Spill Again

Messy cleanup of BP oil spill damages the Gulf

China struggles to contain oil spill

BP to sell oil and natural gas fields to rival Apache for $7 billion

BP oil spill: BP says Tony Hayward to stay as chief executive

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