Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill Blog “Tales of the Cocktail” New Orleans

Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill
Tales of the Cocktail Kick Off Street Party

If you are walking around the French Quarter on Tales of the Cocktail Weekend, you might have a beautiful server come right up to you and hand you TWO drinks. Then you may get your picture taken with the Saints Cheerleaders. Then you may say to your self, “I love New Orleans”. Or you may be a depressed douche bag and never get it. Life is fun. Tales of the Cocktail a historical perspective


Last night Richard the owner of the Internet Cafe on Toulouse St. had me watch the joint for a couple of hours at the end of the day as he went off to his second job at Yesteryears around the corner on Bourbon. Most folks here in New Orleans have at least two jobs. Seems it has been that way since Katrina.  New Orleans lost almost half of it’s population. Economics are exacting. Since business is down, hours are reduced, so the average person has to make that up with a second job, maybe a third. And since there are less people, there are less people to employ full time.

So, as I am working on my second job,  in walks a women with movie star looks, who is attempting to book her next leg of a world tour, originating from New Zealand. She knows nothing of New York City, and since I have been, a time or two, I help her with the reservation. She is gracious to offer to take me for a brew at the closing of the internet cafe.

She has already done Bourbon St. and Frenchman St., so I take her to the bar where I do my laundry for some local flavor. As we chat, I find out she is a retired stunt women. So naturally I ask about Mel, and since she is close to 6 feet tall, Mel is described as short (which he seems to be coming up lately). She doesn’t want to waste too much of her time in a bar/laundromat, and she knows nothing of the Bywater, so off we go on a walk about to Mimi’s, my other watering hole. The evening ends round 1 am and we make plans for lunch the next day.

(saturday) She calls and wants to do her laundry. Lunch is the beer special, so I start the day half buzzed, with a Kiwi girl in tow.

First stop is the Internet Cafe to get her iPod charged up using a usb port. As we are walking out we bump into the Dragon Witch from next door. She and the Kiwi stuntwomen hit it off. Fairy dust comes up in the conversation somehow, and as you might guess
I am covered in it by the time we leave for a ride on the trolley. Walking south on Royal St. we pass by the Hotel Monteleone which is having a big hoopdidoo in conjunction with the “tales of the cocktail”.

So, in we go. But before I get into the next round of drinks, I would like to point out the door man. This guy has to be the happiest guy on the planet. Twinkle in his eye, jovial demeanor. Not a door man but a man who found happiness at a job.

Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill

Hotel Monteleone Doorman

So, up the steps we go, the endangered animal carousel bar is to the right. It spins around with the customers in their seats. The hotel is packed with folks sampling drinks made by bartenders from around the country for this annual event.

After a few samplings we are now completely in the bag, so naturally when that happens the very next thing you want to do is get your picture taken. And as it would happen, free drinks are complimented with a free picture. If you take a picture with beautiful people, you will look beautiful too.

Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill

Hotel Monteleone Group Photo "Tales of the Cocktail"

Almost forgeting the trolley ride, but unable to drink another drink, I suggest we get something to eat. Since I know Magazine Street like the back of my hand, one synapse connects with another and a big fat deli sandwich is projected inside the back of my head. That thought was planted by a co-worker from my third job on the other moving endangered species carousel at the Audubon Zoo, who lives near Magazine and who eats at the deli, with sandwiches as big as your head (which is how they make every dish here in New Orleans). The zoo job is another story altogether, so I won’t get into that now.

On to the trolley we go, (you pick up The St. Charles Line across from the CVS on Canal) riding past Lee circle to Jackson Street. You are at Jackson St. when Igor’s is on your right.
A three block walk toward the river brings you to Magazine Street. At the corner is the famous flag store (Brad & Dellwen Flag Party) and next to it is the deli. Thank God, food.

gulf of mexico oil spill

Stein's Deli on Magazine St. New Orleans

Now here I am with a kiwi stunt women at  Stein’s Marker & Deli, covered in fairy dust, asking myself the all important question, is the life of a blogger any fun at all? Maybe if you are covering the effects of the gulf of mexico oil spill on local economies in the gulf region. That fact can get away from you if you stay in New Orleans too long. The latest news on the spill was that clean up operations were shut down due to tropical storm Bonnie.

Since I have been a great guide so far, my friend offers to buy the lunch. So I offer to buy dessert, which is waiting for us at Little Vic’s Gelateria down the street. Two scoops of freshly made Gelato for two buzzed 99% full merrymakers, sets you back $10. But is it well worth it.

Now, I am not one for shopping, but Magazine St. has some of the most interesting shops in the world. My kiwi friend is having a ball looking at shoes and tops and skirts, but decides to spend her cash on a pedicure at Fancy Nails & Spa. So now I am buzzed and full, sitting in a vibrating massage chair next to a kiwi stunt women in a Magazine Street spa pushing buttons to get the chair to give me a back massage from massage heaven, while she is getting her feet did. Oh, and let’s not forget the fairy dust, which in all probability, had something to do with how this all worked out.


ok, wake me up.

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