Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill Blog Lafayette Cemetery New Orleans

ok, I got paid today from my day job. So I had to walk down to the bank on Magazine St. to cash my check. I have a Bank of America account, but funny how BOA is not really BOA because their butts are not in every state. Like Louisiana and Colorado. So what gives with BOA. It should be Bank of Half of America.  Anyway, I am snapping pics on Magazine St. on my way to the bank…

And I think I am walking into a bookstore, because it has cool murals outside. But when I enter the place, it’s a bunch of bums sleeping on couches, like a halfway house or something. The proprietor points out the books are for sale for $1. But it’s more like a derelict den then a book store.

so I move on.. and take some more pics..

Once I cash my check I am on my way to a frozen daiquiri bar on St. Charles. During my walk through the garden district I stumble upon the Lafayette Cemetery…

  and meet Director Perry  who is yelling “the cemetery is closed”

so I take a few shots..


This was a cool cemetery…but it’s hot as HELL and frozen Daiquiris are in order, so it is off to

where the drinks have names like “blue orgasm” “kick your ass” etc.  A bartender friend of mine says these frozen drinks are spiked with everclear. And I am now going to believe that, because I can’t see straight.

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