Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill Blog New Orleans City Park

Take the Red Line Street Car to the end. There you will find City Park. City Park holds the world’s largest collection of mature live oak trees, some older than 600 years in age. Its founding in 1853 also makes it one of the oldest parks in the country. 1,300 acre public park in New Orleans, Louisiana, is the 6th-largest and 7th-most-visited urban public park in the United States, and is even larger than Central Park in New York City.

Today I visited the Sidney and Walda Besthoff Sculpture Garden – opened in 2003, the Besthoff Sculpture Garden features over 30 works of world-renowned sculptures in a beautifully landscaped area featuring mature live oak trees.  Here are few of my favs.


Now, the very best part of my visit to New Orleans City Park, was sitting under the wind chime tree which is located in a field in front and to the north of the Museum. When you sit under the tree, a small breeze activates the smaller chimes, then if you are lucky, the wind picks up a bit and the larger, deeper, base chimes kick in, and a symphony ensues. Stay there for a while and think about how lucky you are, having found this place of grace.

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