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On my lunch hour I walked down Royal Street in the French Quarter to Subway for my usual $5 foot long meatball sandwich, and could not help but notice a visual delight of a shop at 329 Royal St. The sign reads Vintage 329 Vintage Iconography. This is a new shop. The older one is at 429 Royal St. They are merging the two stores into one after Christmas, at the 329 location. These stores are so eye-popping, you have to take a looky lu inside.  No pictures are permitted , but I could take a photo of the two extremely attractive women who work there on a smoke break.

Check out their website Vintage Iconography at 329 Royal Street


I am working for the next two weeks on this vintage building in the New Orleans French Quarter. It needs some decking, ceiling repair and painting. The work would not be hard if the heat index was not 356 degrees. It’s a wet heat. You need a wetvac to mop up your sweat. This building is over 200 years old.  You can see the big difference from old to new decking. Maybe my work will last another 200 years.

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One Response to Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill Blog Iconography French Quarter New Orleans

  1. Carly says:

    Hey! Thanks for the complimentary words!! We love the post. Must admit, not my most photogenic moment, but we appreciate the post.

    We have a Grand Opening event coming up in the fall and I would love to send you an invite to repay the favor. If you would be interested just shoot me an email.

    Thanks again,

    Carly (the girl on the left)

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