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New Orleans Bakery   Alois J Binder Bakery
New Orleans Bakery

New Orleans Bakery

When I was a kid, long ago, we as a family would stop at a bakery after church on Sunday. And because I was a good kid all week which constituted not missing any school and doing the yard work, I was rewarded with my pick of a dozen assorted sweet rolls and donuts. Each treat was around 10-12 cents. I shared the goodies with my sister who did not do any work and missed a lot of school.  She also became extremely FAT in later years. Maybe there is a lesson there.

Anyway, I love fresh-baked pastries! And I am not talking about the plastic rapped kind you find in your local convenient store. I mean the pastries that the baker gets up at 2 in the morning to make fresh for you everyday.
In the Bywater New Orleans at Frenchman and Rampart is a bakery so well-known, that after Katrina they didn’t bother to put their sign back up. The selections are about a buck apiece. So $2 will not get you too fat.
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