Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill Blog EPA

Would you like to leave a comment about the EPA’s response to the Gulf oil spill?

The big question: is the seafood safe?

Have you or anyone you know gotten sick from eating gulf seafood?

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One Response to Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill Blog EPA

  1. No one is more concerned about the quality of Gulf Seafood than the fisherman who make a living catching and selling the fish, shrimp, crabs, and oysters harvested from the Gulf of Mexico waters. After all not only to they catch the seafood, they and their family eat the seafood. All of the Gulf states have special programs to test the quality and health of all seafood from the Gulf waters. In fact universities as far away as Minnesota are helping with special tests developed specifically for this oil spill and dispersing use. The FDA and NOAA have tested thousands of samples and none have turned up bad. In fact the FDA has asked many other scientific agencies to help develop tests to determine what if any contamination has gotten into the seafood from the Gulf. Not all parts of the Gulf were affected by the spill. At most one third of the area was closed to harvesting seafood while the oil was leaking. Now that there is no more leaking areas are being opened as tests run to be sure things are safe. Samples taken, tested, and then areas are opened back up. Rumors still run their course . Non factual claims are made that tests are not made or certain chemicals are not tested for or certain issues not related to this type of spill are not covered. However as each of these rumors are followed up no scientific or governmental agency can be cited that states anything but all seafood is properly tested for chemicals related to this spill. The consumer can be sure that the fisherman is more concerned than the average guy that Gulf seafood is healthy and any sold is as good as can be.


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