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Gulf Oil Spill 205Being born and raised in Hammond Indiana and the son of one of the first men who worked for the Hammond Air Pollution Control Department, I know a little about air pollution. This mornings New Orleans Fox 8 News ran a story about an accidental release of a powdery substance which blanketed parts of St. Bernard Parish. This reminded me of how the steel mills release their toxic waste at night, to get around the laws and cost. And of course, the surrounding area of homes are owned by steel workers, poor minorities and the elderly. It’s shameful how the “officials” and the Department of Environmental Quality are in bed. Government and big business, it’s all the same.

Power outage results in release of powdery substance

Chamette – A number of people in St. Bernard Parish woke up this morning with a mysterious white powder covering just about everything outside, including their houses and cars. Officials say the “spent catalyst” is not harmful, but a nuisance that resulted from an overnight power outage at the Chalmette Refining plant. Two thousand pounds of the powder was released into the air. The dusty powder had people concerned, confused, and clearly frustrated.  Read more
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