Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill Blog Cigar Factory New Orleans

Cigar Factory New Orleans

Cigar Factory New Orleans

Cigar Factory New Orleans was established in the city’s famous French Quarter District in 1999. The two families who own and operate the business have been in the industry for over 25 years, beginning in Las Vegas with Don Pablo Cigar Co, shortly thereafter opening San Diego’s first and only factory in the Gaslamp, and finally bringing back New Orleans’ own tradition in the Big Easy.

Cigar Factory New Orleans has a loyal following with a long list of satisfied, repeat customers. With eight fulltime master cigar makers, the factory produces over 30,000 cigars each month between their two locations in The French Quarter. The main factory’s cigar museum houses the only known relics left from a bygone era of manufacturing in New Orleans from the late 1800’s, when its port received tobacco from Cuba and other Caribbean countries producing such famous brands as “El Trelles”, “Jose Vega”, and “La Belle Creole”.

One literally takes a step back in time when entering Cigar Factory New Orleans. It’s pulsating Latin sounds and aromatic scents beckon passers by to indulge in the rich history of the city and the tradition of fine cigar smoking. New Orleans is one of the last city’s where you can still enjoy your favorite cocktail and a hand-rolled cigar as you stroll down century old pathways and revel in the uniqueness that is “The Big Easy”.

Make New Orleans your next trip away from home and bask in the history and soul of the city. Watch our master rollers at work. Grab a Big Easy cigar, a drink, and pull up a chair in front to watch the world go by in true New Orleans style.

As we say “Laissez les bon ton roule” ….. “Let the good times roll!”

Cigar Factory New Orleans

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