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Gulf Oil Spill nasa

Walking over to Rouses’ for my fried chicken, cottage cheese($4.87) late lunch I run into Santa Claus. I know, New Orleans is full of street performers and street artists, we have leprechaun’s, jugglers, mimes, Ali, Ozzy look a-likes etc., that ask for some change to take a pic of them. BUT, I am talking about St. Nick himself. Yes boys and girls he does exist. And he now lives in New Orleans. He relocated here after Katrina for two reasons. First to give the city his good karma, and second, because of climate change at the north pole. He said” If I have to put up with hungry polar bears, rising water and vanishing artic ice, maybe New Orleans is a better place for me. Even the frozen daiquiris have melted. I heard I could get one here 24/7, for 10 lupens ($5.50 US).”Gulf Oil Spill santa claus

Gulf Oil Spill Nameless Artist

So, on my way back from the store I bump into this girl. Who is New Orleans’ Nameless Artist. So I told her I just had seen Nick heading for the daiquiris stand, and he was the real deal now living in New Orleans. And her response to that was “I’m a jew, so who gives a shit” And since I am nameless “stick that in your blog.” So I did.

Gulf Oil Spill SantaGulf Oil Spill Nameless

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