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My day started out badly. While moving a fridge from the fourth floor to the second, I dropped it on my middle finger of my right hand. Blood everywhere. And as it happened, I am thinking something good is going to happen to balance out the pain I’m in. And sure enough it did.

I decided to take the rest of the day off and blog. But first a trip to the bank to cash my check, so don’t feel broke and hurt at the same time. Asking the teller to give me all tens, because I spend money ten dollars at a time except for rent, she counted it three times. I told her I liked watching her count money. She smiled at that comment.

Design Within Reach Magazine StreetNext to the bank on Magazine street is a Furniture Design studio, that sets out cool chairs for you to sit on while waiting for the bus. And because I am feeling flush I window shop the store. They are displaying these very appealing globes made of fiberglass string. So, I hop into the place, it’s called Design Within Reach and meet the very fine account executive Kitson Cromwell, who gave me the details on these unique lighting fixtures. She owns them herself, maintenance is easy using air(a hair dryer) to dust, and she mentioned they cast a very cool 360 shadow.

Design Within Reach not only has good taste in their selection of items, but also in the person they have working there. The description of the globes is as follows:

Random Light

Hugely dramatic, light as a feather and distinctly Dutch, the Random Light (2002) by Bertjan Pot began as a modernist craft project of sorts. After attempts at knitting fiberglass as a means of creating structure, Pot turned to coiling epoxy-dipped fiberglass around a large balloon in varying patterns. Once the balloon was popped, the dramatic globe shape remained, becoming a buoyant pendant lamp for an entryway, dining room or lounge area. The light bulb is visible at the center of the globe, and when lit, creates an all over glow with minimal glare. Bulb (not included): Incandescent 75W/120V/E26/A19. Made in the Netherlands. UL listed for commercial use.
Kitson mentioned that her firm Design Within Reach did a benefit for Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill a while back. I am attending the Symposium to Examine Legal and Environmental Effects of BP Spill , maybe if she isn’t working Friday we could go together.
Oh, the good thing,.. meeting Kitson. The Symposium is being held at  Loyola’s College of Law which is located near Audubon Park.
Gulf Oil Spill Audubon Park
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