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Fisherman’s Cove Seafood Restaurant, Market Owner David Robinson Copes With Continuing Losses

Gulf Oil Spill RobinsonRestaurant owner and fish monger David Robinson normally sees a slump in business of about 20 percent during summer months. He thinks that’s normal. This year is much worse, however, and Robinson blames fallout perception about fresh Gulf seafood from BP’s massive oil spill.

He has checked over receipts, and sales have declined 40 to 50 percent at Fisherman’s Cove, a seafood market and adjoining restaurant in Kenner, Louisiana, a suburb of New Orleans. Even though it’s a popular local market and eating place, “people aren’t confident,” Robinson says about seafood from the Gulf of Mexico. His customer count has been down by about 2,000 per month, compared with a year ago.

Robinson, who has been in business 31 years and will not sell or serve imported seafood, only deals in higher quality, domestic seafood. Imports, he says, may be cheaper but quality is often questionable. He only gets fresh seafood from local buyers each day. Yet, sales at his market in Kenner are off by 60 percent from the same time last year, all because of customer worries he says about whether Gulf seafood is okay.

Gulf Oil Spill Fish MongerIt’s all about an emotional perception over safety, Robinson believes, and it will take a long time to rebuild trust.

Robinson submitted a claim to BP for his losses but has only seen compensation amounting to pennies on the dollar from the oil giant. He also submitted a claim with Kenneth Feinberg, President Obama’s so-called Gulf Compensation Czar, but has not even received acknowledgement of his application. Feinberg recently apologized for falling behind on the job of issuing payments to individuals who’ve documented their claims.

In the meantime, Robinson is hoping the Louisiana Seafood Promotion and Marketing Board will secure greater resources to help boost the image of Gulf seafood that has been bruised and battered innocently by BP’s runaway crude oil spill in the Gulf.

Source: Louisiana Seafood News

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    this was so sad ! , just seeing pictures make me feel sorry but also thanks for the people trying to help [:

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