Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill Blog 185 Million Gallons of Oil

Gulf Oil Spill RiserKeep this number on hand. 185 million. This is one independant estimate of how much oil gushed into the gulf. The other number to keep in mind, is 85 million. That is the estimated of oil cleaned up. So that leaves us with approximately 100 million gallons still floating below the surface or stuck to land along the coast.

Study backs U.S. estimate of Gulf spill as worst ever

An independent scientific study finds that the U.S. government, after several errors, was finally accurate in estimating the size of the Gulf oil spill and confirms it as the “worst marine oil accident ever.”

Nearly 185 million gallons of oil gushed into the Gulf of Mexico from April 20, when the spill began, until July 15, when a new well cap stopped the flow, according to a study by two Columbia University researchers. They base their estimates on video of the oil spewing from the busted BP well.

 The federal government’s final estimate was about 172 million gallons, but because it’s difficult to get a precise estimate, the researchers said the margin of error is large enough that the two estimates essentially overlap. Their study was published online Thursday in the journal Science .  Read More

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