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BP Off the Hook

BP Off the Hook


BP abandons oils spill cleanup efforts, shuts down hotline

BP has been running television commercials that assure Gulf Coast and Tampa, Florida residents that BP, who is responsible for the worst oil spill in American history, will not abandon their efforts before the job is done. But according to the announcement on their cleanup company’s website, that is exactly what BP is doing.

“Plant Performance Services has been proud to support the Gulf Coast cleanup and recovery efforts in response to the Deepwater Horizon incident. Since May 2010, P2S has provided beach cleanup services, warehousing and logistics management, and wildlife observers as part of the response and recovery program.

Effective Sunday, September 19, P2S’s beach cleanup work has come to an end. This includes the Qualified Community Responder program, which involved providing job opportunities for local, unemployed residents of counties directly impacted by the oil.

If you are a Qualified Community Responder and have payroll questions or human resources issues, please call our QCR Employee Hotline at 888-988-3835. You will be asked to select the state and county in which you reside before having the option to leave a message. Effective October 8, 2010 the hotline will be discontinued.”  Read more..

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