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“The Raging Pelican-Dispatches from the Louisiana Gulf War

A new publication is circulating around New Orleans. An excerpt:

It’s as if a religious force compels us not to question capitalism as the fundamental problem behind the oil geyser. It can never be the focus of our anger. Our incapacity to set our sights on capitalism persists even though the relationship between capital and the world is so incompatible that the world is rapidly deteriorating, the extraction and consumption of it expanding eternally.  There is opposition springing into action against BP’s atrocities and the state’s complicity in them, but from it we find no assurance that the destruction won’t continue. In fact the vanguard of dissent against BP, the leftist environmentalists, only offer capitalism a badly needed makeover, keeping us in calm hypnosis to the idea of its perfectibility. Read more..

The Raging Pelican

raging pelican gulf oil spill

raging pelican

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