Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill Blog Civilization

Civilization is the making of civil persons

A little thought and a little kindness are often worth more than a great deal of money

An unimaginative person can neither be reverent or kind

Art is not a study of positive reality, it is the seeking for ideal truth

Doing is the great thing, for if people resolutely do what is right, they come in time to like doing it

Endurance is nobler than strength, and patience than beauty

Every great person is always being helped by everybody; for their gift is to get good out of all things and all persons

Every increased possession loads us with a new weariness

Give a little love to a child, and you get a great deal back

In general, pride is at the bottom of all great mistakes

In order that people may be happy in their work, these three things are needed: They must be fit for it. They must not do too much of it. And they must have a sense of success in it

It is far more difficult to be simple than to be complicated; far more difficult to sacrifice skill and easy execution in the proper place, than to expand both indiscriminately

It is not how much one makes but to what purpose one spends

Men cannot not live by exchanging articles, but producing them. They live by work not trade.

Nothing can be beautiful which is not true

Remember that the most beautiful things in the world are the most useless; peacocks and lilies for instance

Source: John Ruskin Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill Peacock

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