Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill Blog New Orleans Jobs

You might ask how the Gulf of Mexico oil spill is affecting  jobs in New Orleans. Unlike the coastal towns where the season has just ended, The City of New Orleans is about to kick it into high gear.

This month begins the madness with Halloween. New York is better known for it’s Halloween Parade. New Orleans Halloween Parade equals that effort. That same weekend New Orleans hosts Voodoo Fest and The Vampire Film Festival.

The most outrageous madness happening now is the checks that our service workers are getting from BP. Since I work on this blog at an internet cafe on Toulouse St. in the heart of the French Quarter, I encounter a steady stream of claimants filling out the necessary online forms with the The Gulf Coast Claims Facility Website. Some are claiming lost wages of 2000.00 and receiving checks for 20,000.00. The skinny is that the average payout to an individual is 25,000.00.

And these are not final settlements. Most of these folks are thinking “Class Action” and another 125,000.00. So what do you think they are spending the initial money on? If you are thinking  laptops, flat screen tv’s, huge bar tabs, and of course dinners at the restaurants they just quit their jobs at, you would be right. Now, 1/3 of that payout goes to taxes, or is supposed to go to taxes.

So if you’re looking for work, New Orleans has a lot of openings for waiters and waitresses. Seems like the stimulus economy we live in today, is creating a lot of unsustainable spending, followed by a lot of shattered futures.

This town will never die, because there is no other place on earth like New Orleans, and anybody who has been here knows that. So, flood, oil spill, great recession or tainted seafood isn’t going to stop tourism. And a city full of “lottery winners” is a horror show not even Steven King could imagine.

So when you visit this season, there will be new faces at your old haunts. You can thank BP for that.

Gulf Oil Spill New Orleans Jobs

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