Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill Blog Hydroponics Kits

Hydroponics Kits

BP Spill Hydroponics Kits

Urban Organics, New Orleans

For the soil gardener, we carry organic potting soil, humus, bat and seabird guano, fertilizing nutrients and supplements, and plenty of organic pest control products. For the hydroponic gardener, we offer hydroponic systems and supplies including growing media and containers, hydroponic nutrients  and supplements, pest control, ventilation products, pH and EC/TDS meters, water and air pumps, timers, and a variety of other products to keep your          plants growing healthily.

Urban Organics also has a full line of MH (metal halide)          and HPS (high pressure sodium) H.I.D., incandescent and flourescent lighting, including the latest in high output flourescent lights.

Our H.I.D. lighting systems are made by Hydrofarm and Sunlight Supply, the industry leaders in quality lighting systems.

We proudly carry top brands such as Hydrofarm, National Garden Wholesale, Botanicare, General Hydroponics, Oakton, FoxFarm, B’cuzz, Grodan, American Agritech, Earth Juice, and many more.

Located at 2805 St. Claude Ave. in New Orleans, LA, we offer a full line of organic and hydroponic gardening supplies for the home and hobby gardener.

Urban Organics

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