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Gulf Oil Spill Dispersant Rally: Clean Gulf

By Karen Stephenson

Clean Gulf, an oil spill training event from October 18-20 will have advocates in attendance to peacefully rally for the ban of Corexit dispersants


Oil corporations, dispersant manufacturers, regulatory agencies and other associations involved in the oil industry will converge in Tampa for a convention and training called Clean Gulf 2010. Co-hosted by the Gulf States, the U.S. Coast Guard and the U.S. Department of the Interior, Clean Gulf brings together those in positions of power to discuss various industry strategies and provides training.



Nalco is the corporation that produces Corexit 9500 and Corexit 9527, both of these products were heavily sprayed to disperse oil from the Gulf oil spill. Approximately two million gallons of these toxic oil dispersants were sprayed over the Gulf waters as well as over Plaquemines Parish. Until the Gulf oil spill, very few people had heard of Nalco, and with the exception of the people in Alaska (1989 Exxon Valdez oil spill), many individuals knew nothing about the oil dispersant Corexit.

According to many residents of Plaquemines Parish, these oil dispersants were sprayed over land because much of the coastline includes streams, lakes, bays, sounds and bayous. Plaquemines Parish has a total of 901,817 acres of which 590,160 acres are land and 271,657 acres are water areas.

In an interview with Suite101, Jo Hughes of the Coastal Heritage Society of Louisiana (CHSL) stated that many residents of Plaquemines Parish were outdoors when the planes sprayed oil dispersant over land and inland waterways. She commented, “They sprayed in the daytime and at night and no one got warning that this was happening.” Kindra Arneson, another member of CHSL, adds to that by saying their community fishermen were out on the water and planes flew over them spraying Corexit.

A Spill into Washington rally speaker, Rick Frye, stated that he moved his family away from the area because “ I didn’t want my family sprayed like cockroaches.”

At Nalco’s website, Nalco states, “Aerial spraying of dispersant is not to take place within 2 miles of a boat or 3 miles of a shoreline.” Jo Hughes and other Plaquemines Parish residents say this was not followed.

Corexit 9500 and Corexit 9527

A CNN financial news reporter Shelley DuBois wrote in her news story, Who Is Nalco?, how BP made mistakes with the Gulf oil spill. In reference to mistakes, she also wrote, “Scientists and members of congress have questioned whether choosing Nalco was another.”

Read more at Suite101: Gulf Oil Spill Dispersant Rally: Clean Gulf

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