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It feels like you are in a movie here, if you just go with the flow. One thing leads to the next. I was sitting quietly this morning when the sound of a pipe organ from the river boat came floating in. So, I started walking toward the river being drawn by the music, and suddenly the music stops. So I stop. And, where I stop is a shop. Not just any shop, but the Boutique du Vampyre,

Boutique du Vampyre Boutique du Vampyre

the place where Vampire’s shop. Since the Vampire Film Festival is right around the corner, I thought now would be a good time to explore the topic and how it relates to the Oil spill out in the gulf. As of this post there does not seem to be a connection. But since I am in the vampire mecca of the world, it’s hard to ignore it.

If you like Halloween, you will like New Orleans.ku_tanz-der-vampire

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