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Congressman Steve Scalise

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Scalise statement on the six month anniversary of the BP oil spill

Washington, DC — Congressman Steve Scalise today issued the following statement on the six month anniversary of the Deepwater Horizon disaster and the ensuing BP oil spill.  From day one, Scalise has taken a lead role in pressing for a greater response to the BP disaster.  Scalise has also introduced H.R. 6112, a bill to dedicate at least 80 percent of Clean Water Act fines paid by BP towards coastal restoration activities and continues to work with the bipartisan coastal restoration coalition to get this bill passed and restore Louisiana’s coast. 

“As we recognize the six month mark since the BP oil spill, it is important to remember the 11 lives that were lost while we continue to fight for our economic and environmental recovery,” Scalise said.  “Unfortunately, as we continue to fight and recover from the spill’s damage, the Obama Administration continues to play games with the people who work in America’s energy industry, and Louisiana’s economy continues to be crippled by the Administration’s reckless offshore drilling ‘permitorium.’ 

“In order for Louisiana to fully recover from this disaster, we must continue pushing to secure a dedicated source of funding for our long term recovery efforts, and that is why I have introduced legislation to send the lion’s share of the fines paid by BP into a fund set aside for Gulf Coast recovery that provides billions of dollars for Louisiana to restore our coast.  I will continue fighting for this legislation and for the people of Louisiana to recover from the damage caused by BP and this administration’s negligence.”

Source: Congressman Steve Scalise Representing the 1st of Louisiana
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