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Mississippi Panel to Guide Road to Gulf Recovery

Governor Haley Barbour recently announced the creation of a panel that will report on the impact of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill and aid in the development of a long-term vision to enhance the Gulf of Mexico for the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

The Mississippi Gulf of Mexico Commission is a 34-member board of scientists and business leaders with representatives of state and local governments acting as ex officio members.

“In the wake of the oil spill, we have an opportunity to address any number of issues in a comprehensive way, not just for right now, but into the future,” Barbour said. “This commission will have a wide charge, from preliminarily determining the impact of the oil spill on Gulf ecosystems to addressing concerns about seafood safety to improving hurricane protection and habitat restoration. The Gulf of Mexico is the driving force of the Gulf Coast economy, so effective long-term planning and action to improve this asset will result in long-term economic growth for the MS Gulf Coast.”

The Commission will work closely with the Gulf of Mexico Alliance and various state agencies to develop a plan to submit to Navy Secretary Ray Mabus, the former Mississippi governor tapped to lead the long-term restoration of the Gulf of Mexico.

INFO: Contact Dan Turner in the Governor’s Office at 601-576-2009.

Source: Mississippi Panel to Guide Road to Gulf Recovery

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