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Emily Adams Interior Design

emily adams

“One of the top ten designers in New Orleans” Gambit

emily adams interior designAdams & Company is a New Orleans based firm
providing comprehensive interior design services for
both residential and commercial spaces.

The benefit we bring to clients is our knowledge of the
principles of design and its application to interiors. By
merging interior design disciplines with the
architectural potential of a property, we broaden our
problem-solving perspective as well as our client’s
opportunities. This leads to better functional,
budgetary and aesthetic solutions.

The character of the interiors we design is always
different, reflecting the varied requirements of our
clients. But there is a common thread: sensitivity to
human needs, expectations, and aspirations.

Adams & Company interior design services begins at
the conceptual stage of a project. We help the client
determine needs and objectives. We then supervise
the project through to the interior renovation and
installation of furnishings. Basic services include: space
planning and analysis, development of design
concept, coordination of color schemes, selection of all
interior surfaces, treatments and furnishings with client
approval and scheduling for installation.

Contact Emily:

New Orleans, Louisiana 985-515-7677

source: Emily Adams Interior Design

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