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Remnants of BP oil spill may force new fishing ban in Gulf of Mexico

  Maryann Tobin

The US Coast Guard announced Saturday that it may have to place a fishing ban on a new area in the Gulf of Mexcio because more oil from the BP oil spill has been discovered on the surface. With Gulf of Mexico currents circulating through Tampa Bay, what happens in Louisiana may not stay in Louisiana. The US Coast Guard has reported evidence that the BP oil spill may not be finished causing damage to the environment and seafod safety.

“The Coast Guard said Saturday that an area of discolored water near a Mississippi River pass south of New Orleans appears to be an algae bloom, but another spot 10 miles away could be oil. Jeff Hall, spokesman for the Unified Area Command said tests could determine if the suspected oil is from the BP spill. Hall said the material discovered Saturday appears to be weathered oil,” according to the Houston Chronicle. 

The secretary of the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries said that once the new oil slick is confirmed, the area will be closed to fishing.

no-fishingThe report of this one area of more free-floating oil leads to questions about how many other patches remain either undiscovered or unreported. This raises further questions about the safety of seafood being taken from the Gulf of Mexico claimed to be ‘safe’ for human consumption.

The Deepwater Horizon exploded on April 20, 2010 and dumped more than 170,000 gallons of oil and gas into the Gulf of Mexico. BP poured another 2 million gallons of toxic chemical dispersant on top of that, the effects of which may not yet be fully realized.

source: Remnants of BP oil spill may force new fishing ban in Gulf of Mexico – Tampa Bay gulf oil spill |

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