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Where Is the Oil? — Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill Forum in St. Petersburg

Locally based marine scientists who have performed research in the Gulf on the impact of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill disaster will share their findings regarding effects on fish and wildlife.

A panel of scientists from the University of South Florida St. Petersburg’s College of Marine Science will share their findings with the public at a public forum sponsored by local environmental and tourism organizations and businesses.

WHEN: Tuesday, November 16

TIME: 6:00 – 8:30 pm

WHERE: Karen A. Steidinger Auditorium – Fish and Wildlife Research Institute
100 Eighth Avenue SE, St. Petersburg, Florida 33701-5020, in downtown St. Petersburg, next to the campus of USF St. Petersburg.

The evening will feature a panel of local researchers from the University of South Florida St. Petersburg’s College of Marine Science:

• Bob Weisberg, Ph.D., Distinguished University Professor of Physical Oceanography and leading expert on the role of the Gulf’s loop currents in affecting the path of oil towards or away from coastlines.

• Ernst Peebles, Ph.D., Associate Professor Biological Oceanography, specializes in research on coastal fisheries, was part of the crew of the research vessel that in May 1st identified subsurface oil in the Gulf.

• David Hollander, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Chemical Oceanography, who work in isotopic biogeochemistry led to his discovery of oil on the floor of the Gulf.

gulf of mexico oil spill Ernst Peebles

Ernst Peebles

A second panel by environmental organization representatives will include a report from the 1st meeting of the White House’s Gulf Coast Ecosystem Restoration Task Force, held Monday in Pensacola, as well as an assessment of the Natural Resource Damage Assessment (NRDA) process and how citizens can engage in the process of restoration.

Time will be allowed in the evening for questions and answers for both panels.
The event is sponsored by state, regional and national environmental organizations with state headquarters in St. Petersburg: Sierra Club Florida, Defenders of Wildlife, Gulf Restoration Network, Progress Florida, and RePower America, along with other locally based businesses and organizations that value a healthy Gulf of Mexico: University of South Florida College of Marine Science, Clearwater Marine Aquarium, Tampa Bay Beaches Chamber of Commerce, and the St. Petersburg chapters of the League of Women Voters and Audubon Society.

source: Where Is the Oil? — Gulf Oil Spill Forum in St. Petersburg | WUSF Public Media

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