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Stephen_Baldwin gulf of mexico oil spill

Actor, filmmaker slated at Gulf Truth Rally

bare foot doctor gulf of mexico oil spillPeople of the Gulf have been praying almost seven months for a major celebrity to advocate for them, a prayer answered Thursday when actor, director, producer and author, Stephen Baldwin, announced he will be at the Gulf Truth Rally this weekend, November 20, beginning at 1:00 pm in Grand Isle, Louisiana. The rally will center around sharing information and unique experiences by those who live, work and play at ground zero. Barefoot Doctors’ Toxic Survival Kits will be available as long as supplies last.

Baldwin, who has been producing a documentary on the truth of Deepwater Horizon’s Oil Spill, will come to “show his complete support” for the poisoned, out of work, desperate people, the ecosystem and economy of the Gulf Coast ravaged by the catastrophe.

He will be joined by other film makers, activists, fisherman, oil workers, local politicians and coastal citizens gathering to unite in their struggle to let the rest of the world know truth of what is happening on the Gulf Coast.

The rally has been organized by a coalition of Coastal citizens to expose the fact that the Gulf States are still, very much, under assault by legions of oil on a daily basis and the number of people sick and dying is increasing daily.

Although BP and federal officials have all but declared the disaster over, local citizens, politicians, environmental and industry groups understand the effects of the April 20 Gulf of Mexico oil spill are still in the early stages.

billy nungesser gulf of mexico oil spill

“The objective of the event is to meet with Gulf Coast Residents and present our case, regarding the health of our people, the impact on our communities, etc. We want to compile a “history” of our feelings, experiences, beliefs, whatever they may be, since the oil spill. It is not a “bash BP and/or the govt. event”, it is a RALLY FOR THE PEOPLE TO BE ABLE TO TELL THEIR TRUTHS,” explains event organizer, Karen Hopkins.

If BP thinks the people of the Gulf Coast are “just going to roll over and let them do their PR campaign without countering it with the truth, they have another thought coming,” said organizers.

There are 1600 permanent residents on Grand Isle, 400 of them children, all poisoned.

“I want to take as many supplies as possible,” stated Gulf Barefoot Doctors head, Delia LaBarre.

The barefoot doctors will be at the rally with a table, information and free detox kits for those wanting them long as the supplies last. Barefoot doctors need more donations to be able to keep providing the survival kits to meet the growing demand according to LaBarre.

With a growing number of coastal citizens now ill from effects of the lethal dispersants and oil, the scientific disputes surrounding validity of FDA’s safe seafood claim, continued suffering of the local ecosystems, devastating economic effects of the offshore drilling moratorium, recent discontinuance of the VOO program, and consistent and ever prevalent sub-sea/ surface oil and dispersant discoveries – Coastal citizens are facing major, unaddressed complications affecting humans, wildlife and domestic animals.

rally for the truth gulf of mexico oil spillIndependent test results, interviews and all relevant information will be available to the press.

All local and state politicians plus the EPA, FDA, NOAA, Coast Guard, DEQ and other involved entities have been invited to attend.

Speakers slated for the rally include: Cherri Foytlin, Kindra Arnesen, Billy Nungessor, Karen Hopkins, Drew Landry, Susan Felio Price, Mac Mackenzie, Dean Blanchard, A.J. Varner, Jessica Hagan and a representative from the Leake & Anderson law firm. Additional speakers are to be announced at th rally.

Donations will be taken to send a delegation to speak to congressional leaders in Washington D.C. Coastal Heritage Society of Louisiana will conduct a Christmas toy and food drive.

Bar-B-Cue and shrimp will be available free of charge. Dr. Soto and th barefoot doctors are warning the public to not eat Gulf shrimp.

The event will be at the Pirate Island Daquiri Shop in Grand Isle where several hundred people are expected to gather.


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  1. dom says:

    Baldwin recently finished the shooting to his directorial debut, the music video for Corey Lamb’s “Breaking the Cycle.” I’ve heard the song and it rocks pretty hard. Here’s a link to an interview

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