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United Way Gulf Recovery Fund

United Way Gulf Recovery Fund gulf of mexico oil spill

Funds distributed to United Ways from CNN Telethon

In support of long-term recovery efforts for Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill

In response to the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, CNN hosted a star-studded telethon on Larry King Live in late June to raise money for the people, animals, and environment of the Gulf Coast. The two-hour CNN show raised $1.3 million with proceeds benefiting three charities deeply involved in emergency assistance efforts: United Way (people), National Wildlife Federation (animals) and The Nature Conservancy (environment).

HumanityCheck gulf fo mexico oil spill

Thousands of people called, texted, tweeted or visited web sites to demonstrate their support financially.  United Way’s portion of the proceeds, now finally collected, totaled $425,000 for the United Way Gulf Recovery Fund, an emergency fund created by the leadership of United Way for the Greater New Orleans Area and supported by United Ways along the Gulf from Louisiana to Florida.

A regional allocations board worked with community partners to assess the ongoing and unmet needs of the people impacted by the Gulf of Mexio oil spill and to facilitate the distribution of funds.  Earlier this month, the $425K was distributed to four Gulf States:  Alabama ($98,090), divided between three coastal United Way’s; Florida ($107,355), divided between six coastal United Way’s; Louisiana ($162,605), divided between seven coastal United Way’s; and Mississippi ($56,950), divided between two coastal United Way’s.

The United Way Gulf Recovery Fund was established to provide emergency assistance as well as support long-term recovery efforts to rebuild lives by addressing educational, financial and health-related challenges.  Thousands found their lives and livelihoods impacted by the Gulf of Mexico oil spill. The economic ripple effect reached far beyond the fishing, hospitality and tourism industries.

Families have received assistance through the Gulf Coast Recovery Fund to help with food, clothing, utility assistance, rent and mortgage relief, and access to health and mental health care.   “United Way will remain on the ground to support long-term recovery efforts, working side-by-side with Gulf Coast residents to build more resilient communities.  This includes helping people as they re-imagine their lives and livelihoods, take care of long-term health and mental health issues, and learn how to become more financially stable to face any future challenges,” said Michael Williamson, Chief Operating Officer of United Way for the Greater New Orleans Area.

united way of new orleans gulf of mexico oil spillUnited Way for the Greater New Orleans Area connects the dots between our community’s issues and real solutions. We all need a quality EDUCATION that leads to stable employment, enough INCOME to support a family, sound mental and physical HEALTH and a SAFETY NET in times of crisis. We believe in creating lasting changes—to LIVE UNITED.  For more information, visit


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