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Montara Oil Spill

montara oil spill

Sea life lost after oil spill

An Australian fishing expert said he saw serious environmental damage after the Montara oil spill in the Timor Sea that affected the lives of thousands of people living in southern Indonesia.

Richard Mounsey, the former United Nations head of East Timor’s Fisheries and Marine Wildlife Department, said seawater at the East Timorese enclave of Oecusse, where he was living in September 2009 a month after the spill occurred, turned a milky white colour and dead fish, sharks and dolphins began washing up on the beaches.

“A week later the seaweed and sponges started dying and the corals became coated with some type of sediment,” he said.

The findings of an inquiry released on Wednesday concluded the full environmental damage from the spill would never be known, partly because the federal Environment Department failed to monitor the pollutants soon enough.

The inconclusive finding was despite an environmental monitoring plan set up after the spill that involved 11 monitoring and scientific studies by federal, state and territory agencies.

source: Sea life lost after oil spill

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