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Face Painting

face painting Irina

Irina Filatova

I was born in St. Petersburg, Russia, and moved to the USA in 1990. I never did any face-painting in Russia. I studied psychology in college and worked in advertising and consumer research.My first “encounter” with face-painters happened in the summer of 1991 on Harvard Square in Boston, where I was working for a local newspaper. There were these two Irish girls, Catherine and Debbie, who were face-painters from the London Zoo on a summer vacation in Boston. They were doing great artwork on kids and street performers, and I got my own face painted and loved it a lot.Thank you guys so much! I would never stop feeling grateful for your “initiating” me into the trade! I was fascinated with the idea of travelling around the world painting people, and in 1992 I started doing it in New York City, where I moved to in the fall of 1991.

I was working in the T-shirt Gallery on Lexington and 64th Street, and my boss — “Finn” — set me up with some local bars for Halloween ’92. In the summer of ’93, I was street performing in Central Park. From ’93 to ’96, I was working only in New York City, as a street performer in Central Park and South Street Seaport, and as doing lots of birthday parties and corporate events, as well as all 5th Ave. parades.

Since 1996, I have been travelling to festivals in Florida and New Orleans in the winter, and after 9/11, I became a full-time “nomad,” working around the country. Sometimes I return to New York City in the summer to work in Central Park, but most of the time I am working in New Orleans and Atlanta. My other favorite cities to visit are San Francisco, Miami, Key West, Boston, Seattle, and Toronto.

I would also love to venture to Arizona, Vermont, and Maine — I’ve never been there before, and I would love to work there to be able to visit those places. I am also planning a “European Tour” in the future.

face paintingI am currently available for birthday parties in New Orleans and Atlanta, and for festivals and large-scale corporate events anywhere in the United States and Canada.

To book me for a party or festival, please call: (504) 473-3581
The best time to reach me is from 9 to 11 p.m. Central Time.



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