Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill Blog Rig Explosion Flames 80 Feet High

Rig Explosion Flames 80 Feet High

gulf of mexico oil spill flames

Explosion in the Gulf of Mexico leaves 3 in hospital

The United States Coast Guard reported an explosion in the Gulf of Mexico. Three workers were burned during the explosion. The environment takes another hit, so does the oil industry.

A workover rig exploded and it, along with the inactive well, caught fire around 10:15 Wednesday morning on Bayou Perot, South of New Orleans. Deck hand Jim Kure said he saw flames shooting out of the well head that must have been over 80 feet high.

According to officials, the victims were welding on the rig when it exploded. They received burns on their hands and faces from both the explosion and the fire that followed. Two received moderate burns and the third received severe burns.

The three injured workers were taken to West Jefferson Medical Center. The three victims were then transported to Baton Rouge General Medical Center’s burn unit to receive additional care for their injuries.

Coast Guard officials stated that no oil or gas leaked out into the water however, containment boom was contaminated with oil and workers were mopping up oil that contaminated a nearby barge.

John Young, Jefferson Parish President, is calling for an environmental team to inspect the area to verify no oil was spilled into the Gulf of Mexico.

This is yet another oil related explosion in the Gulf of Mexico to add to the BP oil spill tradegy. This incident is sure to help fuel the engine trying to band all new drilling in the Gulf for 7 years.

source: Explosion in the Gulf of Mexico leaves 3 in hospital – Lafayette Weather |

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