Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill Blog Silent Boycott BP Fuel Station

Silent Boycott BP Fuel Station

Silent Boycott BP Fuel Station

Claim denied for BP station owner

Red paint splattered all over the sign in front.  On the gas pumps, words we can’t put on TV scribbled in black marker.  And that isn’t even the worst part.

BP Gas station paint defaced“Over and above, the most damaging thing was the silent boycotting of the station,’ BP station owner Amit Roy told me.  “They just quit coming. They wouldn’t buy gas.”

In all, Roy says his station lost $57, 000 this summer.  He’s had to lay off an employee and his bills are piling up.

But when he submitted a claim to BP, his claim was denied.

No explanation – just this statement from the Gulf Coast Claims Facility: “The documents you submitted did not show any lost earnings or profits due to the spill.”

“They paid some restaurants and boating companies in Fort Myers, which has really nothing to do with BP,” he said.  “I would like to know how they qualified.”

So I called the claim center myself.  The spokesperson there wouldn’t agree to an interview, but sent me this statement: “People who were denied emergency payments can refile for final payments.”

Roy says he doesn’t see the claim center changing its mind.

BP Gas station paint job“They said they didn’t need any new documentation,” he explained.  “Kind of pre-determined seems to me.”

Still, he says, he’ll keep refiling.

“Families are depending on this, including my own family, so I have to make it happen no matter what,” he said.

Pooja Lodhia Reporter

source: Claim denied for BP station owner – FOX 4 News | Cape Coral-Fort Myers-Naples Florida – WFTX

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