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The Scene of the Crime Opening

On April 20th 2010 the largest man made disaster in history occurred in the Gulf of Mexico.   The Explosion of the Deep Water Horizon murdered 11 men and injured 17 others.  This was not just your ordinary spill,  despite all warnings to upper level management, BP did not listen and told these men to move forward and keep drilling they were losing money with each passing day.   The deaths of these men, with brothers, sisters, mothers, wives and children was a homicide and the crime scene spewed out poison of unprecedented proportions.
While the powers that be sprayed toxic chemicals,  in order to  cover up a crime scene.

The men that died and are disabled from the Macando blowout,  should be treated as war heros,  the death of these men is the same fate as that of a soldier. These men were put in harms way, ” in a war that is fought in places…where our business interests run.(1) ”

At this time I was working on a disease pandemic they call “Morgellons”.   This is not the name for this disease now, it is clearly hypertoxicity, Neurocutaneous Syndrome(2) and now it is called the BP Oil Gulf Plague.  Before I submit to you the evidence of a crime scene I wanted to give the readers a heads up on what I had been working on for years here in the Southern United States.  I find it interesting that in early 2006, I began pulling strange PCBs, fibers and other organisms out of the skin of humans and was just astounded.  I wanted to know what this new disease was.  I called an old professor of mine, as these samples that I was viewing looked almost shrimp like.   He had never heard of this.  His advice was to call the Department of Marine Biology in Washington , DC .

I was excited and very curious, and the next morning I dialed a phone number.   In my enthusiasm at finding something that was so interesting, I began telling the man who picked up the phone in D.C. my story.  He listened very intently.   Then these words,  that I shall never forget in my life and in retrospect haunt me – “Lady”, he said, “if you know anything about this disease, you start screaming, you keep screaming, because if you don’t and something happens to you, you will be missed.”  He went on to say, “You have not reached the Department of Marine Biology, you have reached the Department of Geology.  I want you to stay away from this god-forsaken town (meaning Washington , DC ) and I have 3 years left in this hell hole before I retire, so scream and don’t stop.”  I began screaming like a wild woman and really did not stop.

I do not believe in accidents any more – this Scientist knew something and he knew I was on to something.  Could it be that this was a warning sign of things to come, and this honest Geologist, knew something and had seen evidence of what I was speaking of????    The answers to these questions may never be answered, but the Universe reveals things to us when we need to look at them.  It is a shame that more scientists were not curious about the human condition, because the human condition has been polluted by it’s food,(4) environment, water and man’s greed to tear apart and fix the perfection of what Mother Earth gave us.

The nature of an ignorant man is that, “Oh, this is just a little spill.  We will just cover it up with a little poison and a few pesticides that won’t hurt anyone, and a few Genetically Modified Nematodes won’t hurt anyone, either.” Exxon dumped, on top of a tanker spill in Alaska , Genetically  Modified Organisms called Pseudomonis Pudita.  After meeting Dr Ott, I discovered that thousands were reporting symptoms of rashes, brain fog, neurological problems, crawling and biting and itching to Dr Ott’s group.  The average life expectancy in Alaska where that spill occurred (that was just a tanker, mind you) is 51 years.  The people were told by Exxon, “Oh don’t worry…we’ll take care of you and ‘NOT ONE DROP’ will be found when we are done.”  Oh, Exxon took good care of them all right – their way of life was almost literally destroyed.  The divorce, alcoholism, suicide and a literal wedge that was driven between the people was disastrous.  That spill decimated the way of life for those people, their culture and their terrain.   The one hope though is that the ones who live on in that region of Alaska are praying for us.  They were never fully nor partially compensated for the havoc and hell that Exxon put them through.  I recommend to everyone that you read Dr. Ott’s book Not One Drop.   Read it and read it well, because history has repeated itself.(3)  But there is a kicker here and an elephant in the living rooms of this whole Gulf Region and the world.     

The Exxon Valdez spill was a drop of water in a cup.  This spill, the amounts of poison that have been spewed to make it go away, was not just chemicals but toxic – very toxic soup.  

The powers that be, the lying corporate powers that be, don’t give a damn about the people, the impact on the people who worked hard every day.   The honest Fishermen wouldn’t want to sell you dirty fish.  They are not lazy, they know it is poison.  The world is filled with Smoke and Mirrors.  “Oh, a few dead here and a few spilling blood there and a few Cajuns whose life is tied to the sea won’t be missed.”  When BP, Halliburton and the money-grubbing corporations say they are going to take care of you, you better find a lawyer and a good friend, because they will not.  History is repeating itself.  These beautiful souls are sick, they have rashes, brain fog, lesions, and families with no food suffering but refusing to compromise by going out and fishing to sell you poison.

The health and human impact of this spill is already driving wedges through the social fabric of society all along the coast.  The depression deepens with each passing day, the alcoholism rates will skyrocket, the suicides will escalate and fighting among brothers will increase.  The sociological ramifications are already heightened between people.  Proud people have no work unless it is to work for the enemy.  This is just what BP and the Corporate Dynasties want to see.   BP wants to see people so worn down that they have no fight in them, no air to breath to yell, no Doctors to treat these people who are ill.  If we open clinics and treat these people that BP and Nalcon poisoned, these people who are sick and dying, then the poisoners,  will have to take some responsibility, admit that they made the wrong choices and caused HARM. 

To the people who think they fooled us, I say, “We are not fooled by you liars.”  To the people who are spraying Corexit and flying those planes of genocidal chemicals we say, “Find an Honest Job, because you are helping the devil do his deeds.”  To the people who told us “It’s gone – the spill has disappeared, there is just a little poison out there”, we say, “Dilution is not the solution to pollution.”  To the wealthy who did not want to see this wash up on your shores so if not seen, it doesn’t exist, or the Universities taking billions to study this – I say, “TAKE CARE OF THE PEOPLE WHO ARE DYING AND ARE GOING TO DIE.  GO TO THEIR HOMES, THEIR SHORES AND THEIR ONCE-SACRED FISHING HOLES.”  These people are the sidewalk scientists, they have lived on the land for generations, they know their terrain and the earth that they love.   Get out of your institutions of delusion, your board rooms and legal money-laundering ivory towers, and look at the full picture.   If you lose the people, you have no stewards and in the end you will choke on greed, money and oil. This Spill and its ramifications on man, is tremendous and man is a direct reflection of nature.

I will now submit to you the evidence from honest Scientists, not on the take with any Corporations,  who have independently and honestly have documented this crime scene that has devastated the health, safety and welfare of Human Beings all along the Gulf of Mexico and it’s shores.  Estimates grounded in science predict, that this shall effect 10 to 20 million people in the United States of America.

1. Lives in the Balance, Jackson Browne

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3. Riki Ott-  “Not One Drop”
4.  and  Food Inc,  Time Magazine Michael Pollen August 2010

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One Response to Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill Blog Reader Email

  1. Joe says:

    It did not take long for the author to discredit herself. Department of Geology? Oh, really? You got to be kidding? There is no such thing. However, there is, however, the U.S. Geological Survey, an agency int he in the U.S. Department of the Interior. Next time she fabricates a story, she needs to get the facts straight in order for anyone to believe her.

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