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Demolition of Abandoned Six Flags Amusement Park?

Five years ago, Six Flags New Orleans put “CLOSED FOR STORM” on their sign, and never came back. The theme park was located in the Ninth Ward, one of the hardest areas hit by Hurricane Katrina. Brackish floodwaters surrounded the rides and buildings, bringing a slow ruin from the corrosive salt water. Only the Batman ride — because it sat on higher ground — was salvaged and relocated to Texas. If you look at the park’s main sign picture above (click it for a larger picture), you can still see the high water marks left by the longstanding flood. Though the storm came and went, the park was never to reopen.

I’ve never visited the damaged and decaying site in person, but I have followed its demise from the many pictures found on the Internet. The stills of idle roller coasters and weed strewn walkways are chilling, but the recent video that has surfaced of the dying playgound… it’s downright haunting.

With permission from the City of New Orleans, Louisiana photographer Teddy Smith spent six days shooting the video in October of 2010. In his creepy six and a half minute movie he points out that the park will be demolished in January 2011.

I have to admit, when the “Welcome 2 Zombie Land Kids” sign shows up in the first minute I really felt this was a setup for some sort of Zombie attack movie. There is such a spooky and eerie feeling to this, and the music from Godspeed You Black Emperor accentuates that notion. The slow motion panning draws you in, and there are times when I really expected someone (or something) to jump out at me. The power of the imagination at work!

It’s really too bad that someone from Hollywood couldn’t take advantage of this abandoned park, say, for another zombie movie! 28 Months Later anyone? 🙂

source: Demolition of Abandoned Six Flags Amusement Park? – Associated Content from Yahoo! –

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