Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill Blog Cleanup Workers Getting Sick

Cleanup Workers Getting Sick


Oil Cleanup Operations Having Adverse Side Effects On Workers

A growing number of cleanup workers are reporting flu-like symptoms including nausea, headaches, dizziness, fatigue and problems with memory & concentration. These symptoms are believed to be a result of exposure to chemicals in the oil and the dispersant that was used liberally to help minimize the oil spill. Many workers who were involved in the Exxon Valdez cleanup efforts reported the same symptoms.

Imagine if you will…

Imagine a family that has been in the shrimp business for generations. Now, imagine that they are no longer able to sustain themselves because of the damage created by the BP Gulf Oil Spill. As BP scurries to try to clean up the mess they created, they offer jobs to the locals as part of their cleanup crew. Well, it isn’t hard to see how a desperate person could accept this offer quickly, and end up working for the very people that put them out of work.

According to reports, many of the cleanup workers are being told that if they complain about their illness, they will no longer be employed by BP. Then, also according to these reports, BP goes on to say that if the spouses of the cleanup crew members says anything, you guessed it, they are out of a job. There are even reports that if any of the cleanup crew members wear protective gear, they will be fired.

There is a very good report given from  a Louisiana based chemist on the website.

If you have noticed the harmful side effects of the BP Gulf Oil Spill, please contact a personal injury lawyer to protect your rights. If not for you, then please do it for your family members. You may be entitled to compensation for your injuries, loss of income, or even a disability that may have resulted from long term exposure to harmful chemicals.

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source: BP Gulf Oil Spill Cleanup Workers Getting Sick & Dothan Injury Lawyer Blog

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