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Angelo’s closed; oil spill blamed

POTSDAM MAINSTAY: High price of seafood final nail in the coffin; owner is optimistic


POTSDAM — A mainstay of seafood lovers has closed its doors after 20 years in business.

The owner of Angelo’s Fresh Seafood & Takeout, 43 Maple St., said he was forced to close his doors because of the sagging economy and a surge in seafood prices immediately following the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico this summer.

“The Gulf oil spill really cost me,” said Angelo T. Landi. “I could never pass it on to the consumer. It just got too expensive.”

Mr. Landi said the oil spill occurred at a time when business was already dropping off because of the slumping economy. He said the two factors together ending up wreaking havoc on his restaurant’s bottom line.

“That was one of the things, and I tried to reinvent myself, but it didn’t work,” he said.

Mr. Landi opened his first seafood business in Potsdam in 1990, after buying a small fish market on Maple Street next to the old Boiler Room tavern when the previous owner decided to retire.

“That thing generated more money per square foot than anything I’ve ever seen food come out of,” Mr. Landi said. He later expanded the small shop and moved to the restaurant’s current location at 43 Maple St.

Sara J. Myers, owner of Lifestyles Salon at 53 Maple St., said her customers and employees were shocked to see Angelo’s vacant last week.

She said the restaurant was popular because of its lunch specials and close proximity to her business.

“At first I thought he was on vacation,” Ms. Myers said. “We were all surprised. We used to order lunch quite a bit there.”

Mr. Landi said closing his restaurant is a bittersweet experience, but a decision he had to make under the circumstances.

“I ran with this for 20 years, and it kind of came to an abrupt end, but there is a method to my madness,” he said.

Mr. Landi said he is hoping to land back on his feet in the coming months and is considering hiring himself out as an executive chef.

“There are some really good things happening; I just have to make sure all parties are on the same page before I say anything more,” he said.

source: Watertown Daily Times | Angelo’s closed; oil spill blamed

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