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A Partial List of Suppressed Stories: The BP Gulf Disaster

By Steve Windisch (jibbguy)

This horror created a great need for the energy cartels to “stop the hemorrhaging” as quickly and as strongly as possible. This is not referring to the actual amount of oil that was spewing; but to the very negative public relations that this Disaster caused (in their minds, a much more pressing “danger”). It created a situation, where draconian suppression were needed in a much higher and more potent level than nearly any other situation we have ever seem. Otherwise, the oil cartels (not just BP), could expect a very “serious” backlash to the ongoing use of oil, and a general “waking up” of the Public to both the hazards of out-of –control fossil fuel use, and to the viable alternatives that are now available. The BP Gulf Disaster was the defining moment for both mainstream media, and independent media “suppression”: The oil corps have consistently pulled out all the stops, and have done these things to control the flow of accurate information in a rather open and telling way that cannot possibly be hidden, or even misconstrued. They were, and are, “gambling” out of desperation: That the American people’s vast indifference can “save” them for a few more year of easy monopoly profits; before the inevitable alternative energy revolution can no longer be stopped. It is quite a near thing: If outrage at the situation was allowed to build widely, these mysteriously missing “Solar Initiatives”, these Peer Reviewed Studies on the clear links between Benzene from Diesel fumes and Cancer in cities (that kills millions of people a year around the world)… These stories of other horrors caused by blatant and undeniable oil corporate crime such as in the Amazon Valley and the Niger Delta… The disastrous wars of aggression that we have fought over “oil”…would be more widely and openly examined, more widely known and understood. That is why “Benzene” is a word never seen nor heard in the corporate mainstream media: And not only because of the BP Gulf Disaster itself (although the health issues to local Gulf residents has been very vigorously suppressed), but because of the wider implications of “Oil as a Poison to both Humans and the Planet” that if more widely known and understood, would greatly speed the end of its use.

The Government Involvement in the BP Gulf Disaster and resultant Health Issues.

This is actually a related but separate Story (or perhaps two more discrete stories): That any small amount of research can show is quite amazing and “newsworthy”. Here, we have a situation where the U.S. government actually declared it a “national security issue” to suppress important information about an oil corporation’s gross negligence. They actively tried to stop tenured independent Scientists from taking samples, stop reporters from filming and talking to witnesses, and even attempted to threaten private chemical testing laboratories from accepting samples for test if they came from private citizens. They also attempted to silence independent scientists with threats from government-paid lawyers. The U.S. and several States governments have consistently lied about the output of the “spill” (with clear evidence from Federal government employee whistleblowers that proves it), and these blatant lies even went so far, that the President of the United States did a public relations “photo-op” showing him and his family swimming “in the Gulf”. The truth of that very telling, and shameful event was, is that it took place far from the actual Gulf, in a protected bay that was never “oiled”… Yet, the impression it gave to thousands of prospective tourists who were watching, was that it was “OK” to go to the Gulf beaches… while those very same privately-collected samples that the government tried to stop, proved conclusively that the government agencies were systematically lying about the amount of oil and dispersant in the water (and the levels of poisons in the seafood as well). The result of this gross and open deception was that many people have become ill; some of them children who swam or waded in the Gulf waters and were exposed to high levels of the highly toxic dispersant/oil mix. And of course there is the future concerns, where these huge amounts of poisons in the environment (on land as well; being inevitably transported via wind and rain)… cannot but insure many more illnesses of Gulf area residents for decades to come. The poison nature of these chemicals is well known, and irrefutable: Yet, they were dumped onto the Gulf in amounts that have never been seen, or even dreamed of before. This alone is the “Story of the Century“, yet the reader must ask themselves: How many of us are aware of all this… even those of us who read or watch Alternative Media ? This story has been suppressed whenever possible, even in the “independent” media. It is highly disturbing.

The very widespread dispersant use, a poison in itself that reacts with oil to create even more toxic chemicals, was widely misreported and misrepresented. Both the government and BP claim that the use of this dispersant stopped around the beginning of August 2010 ; for a total of over 2 million gallons of it being sprayed into the air or dumped directly into the oceans. However, there has been much evidence from local eye witnesses that the use of these deadly poisons have not stopped: When oil slicks that were “dispersed” (actually only mainly sunk to the bottom), rise again and become visible from time to time especially in coastal waters; more dispersant is still being secretly used to hide it again (with the reported help of the U.S. Coast Guard; who vectors the boats to the scene and forces fishermen from the area). These “midnight sprayings and dumpings” have been reported over and over as happening close to shore… A very serious crime that breaks many State and Federal laws. Yet, they are being done not only with the government’s sanction, but with their active help.

When one considers the monstrous nature of these events and crimes, it is almost “understandable” as to why they would go to such lengths to not only suppress them in the mainstream national media (which they have done quite successfully)…. but also in the independent media to as great an extent as they are able to get away with. We see far fewer reports and articles on this subject in the independent media that such stories would normally merit: That is undeniable fact. The few stories we do see, are generally ignored.

These acts cannot be fully suppressed (as the many links at the end of this article show); we have far too many people on the scene reporting on their own experiences with videos, photos, and multiple witnesses. What can be “successfully” done is not publish or sufficiently spotlight the few articles that are written on it. They can be buried and barely seen; and they can be attempted to be somewhat marginalized by the use of paid shills in the “comments” area. These are usually not direct attacks, because these things cannot be plausibly defended without looking absurd and suspicious…. But the common method is to misdirect whenever possible and change the subject by inference; and to use the infamous “Whack Attack”: A bizarre and “crazy” sounding comment without any merit designed to lead those who read it to think the supporters of the particular subject are “inferior”. It is important to note, that these comments do not fit the profile for usual ones, on any subject: They expect us to believe half-literate and “crazy” people come onto the site and only post on these particular threads. But the most common method of all to deal with “unwanted” news reports is to simply ignore them as much as possible; as that is the age-old general strategy when the topic cannot be plausibly debunked.

The import of these issues and news events are self-evident: In a “real world”, these stories would have “legs” for many months: They usually do not, and always to a lesser degree than is deserved by the circumstance; not even in the independent media, let alone the mainstream.

source: There is Something Wrong with the Independent Media By Steve Windisch & Dandelion Salad

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