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St Pete Beach Oil Spill?

By robertj1954

I must have been out-of-town when the oil washed up on the beaches of Pinellas ruining the beautiful beaches of St Pete Beach and ruining the tourist industry for the beach resorts.  The TradeWinds Island Resorts cashed in on the oil spill (1.3 million) through their corporate legal staff. It illustrates how big business works the system to collect your tax dollars (and in this case) dollars out of your pocket. Any payouts coming from the BP fund will be made up from higher energy costs and passed onto the consumer. That is how business works and BP will recover their loss. 

The fishing industry, namely the fisherman and small businesses supporting it were impacted by the oil spill and most deserving of compensation for their loss.  Why?  Because their fishing grounds were quarantined during the worst days of the oil spill.   They are now being turned away by the BP Administrator for insufficient paperwork required to obtain reimbursement. 

The resorts along Pinellas County used the oil spill to recover profit loss due to a recession and a record unemployment rate in Florida and the nation, coupled with a similar situation in Europe. That is why their net profit has fallen, Overton, the Vice President of the TradeWinds Resort is laughing to the bank cashing  his check at your expense!

source: St Pete Beach Oil Spill? THE RIGHT SPIN FOR AMERICANS

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