Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill Blog Wisconsin State Assembly NeoCons Remain Tone Deaf

Wisconsin State Assembly NeoCons Remain Tone Deaf

Wisconsin State Assembly Tone Deaf

Wisconsin State Assembly Tone Deaf

Wisconsin State Assembly Deal to Halt Walker Prank Call Damage?

by Robert Dougherty

COMMENTARY | Yesterday’s prank call against Scott Walker went rather badly for the governor. However, the Walker prank call didn’t deter the governor from trying to get his infamous budget passed. Although his opponents now have more material to use against him, and the Koch Brothers who allegedly pull his strings, he is still determined to come out ahead. This makes today’s deal with the Wisconsin state Assembly that much more crucial, and a sudden blow to the opposition.

The prank call against Gov. Walker emboldened the activists, and furthered their claims that he’s doing the Koch Brothers’ bidding to destroy unions. But while they hailed Buffalo Beast editor Ian Murphy, for pretending to be David Koch on the phone, the governor got to work regarding the state assembly.

As such, the tide could be turned a bit today, as Walker has convinced state Assembly Democrats to limit debate over the budget. Therefore, it may actually pass in the Assembly this afternoon, and move it that much closer to become law.

However, it cannot officially pass until the Democratic Senators return Illinois to vote, and they’ve shown no signs of leaving. In fact, since Murphy exposed Walker’s idea to invite them back, and then pass the bill the second they come back, they may be more inclined to wait it out. One state senator, Robert Wirch, even told the Huffington Post that it might have worked, if not for the prank call.

Those protesting in Madison may be even more desperate for their resolve after today. Yesterday, they had a lot of momentum on their side, as Gov. Walker seemed to confirm what they always said about the bill, and its purpose. However, the conversation has now been changed, and back into the favor of the GOP.


The protestors now have to wonder why the Assembly Democrats gave in — especially after what happened yesterday. Gov. Walker took a big hit with the prank call, and they could have capitalized on it over the next few days. Instead, it seems he has gotten a big victory today, and halted the momentum of the Democrats and the union.

The battle isn’t over yet, but there is one less obstacle in the way for Gov. Walker, and his budget. At the least, headlines are much better for them today than they were 24 hours ago.

 source: Wisconsin State Assembly Deal to Halt Walker Prank Call Damage? – Yahoo! News

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