Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill Blog Florida Pensacola Beaches Oiled April 2011 Citizens for a Clean Coast

Florida Pensacola Beaches Oiled April 2011 Citizens for a Clean Coast

Citizens for a Clean Coast

Citizens for a Clean Coast

Pensacola, Florida Area Beaches are still a mess despite assurances that there is “no oil”

Attached are just a “few” photos that our volunteers have been taking on our area beaches. This is after the BP SCAT teams, DEP, NPS and USCG all declared the beaches clean and safe.
Obviously, this is not the case and the toxicity levels are still very, very high in the near shore waters of Ft. McRee and other areas – story here.
Quote – The scientists who found the deposits sent samples to several labs to be tested. “It was off the chart … It had to be diluted 20 times to get a reading. The crude has very high danger levels of petroleum organics and is not safe for the public to be exposed to. I would be concerned for boaters, swimmers and fishermen who come in contact with it.” When she smelled it, Reed said she immediately got a headache, the same reaction many people experienced when the air was filled with the “burnt tar” smell when oil began washing up in June –
We continue to scour the beaches and have compiled hundreds and hundreds of additional photos of oil that is ion the surface of the intercoastal side of Ft, Pickens and Ft. McRee despite being told by Florida DEP’s Sarah Kell that these areas “never, ever” experienced any oiling (according to BP’s SCAT teams) in a report to the counties. We would be happy to send more photos and supply much more data to any media who desire to follow this story.
The people who are in charge of the Pensacola area cleanup effort and the same people who declared these beaches clean are: – Florida Department of Environmental Protection – BP – National Park Service – O’Briens’ Response Management – United States Coast Guard

Pensacola Area Beaches Still Oiled.pdf

Ft Pickens intercoastal – oiled.pdf

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