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Your articles on the local beaches around PCB sound like the tourist development commission wrote them for you.  The Oil is just off shore lying on the bottom.  Divers have told us that. It is now being blown up onto the beaches.  More oil is coming in onto the beaches to the west of us (Pensacola)and that is where our currents come from (we call that the Gulf Stream) and to the east of us (Apalachicola). The Gulf Stream moves west to east and down the west coast of Florida around the Keys and up the east coast.  Is it just a coincidence that they too have received the effects of the BP Oil Spill Disaster?  Check the reports just for the months of March and April.  To have tarballs on PCB and Pensacola at the same time must tell you something.  Oil is still coming up in Louisiana. Think maybe currents and this unusually high winds could have stirred it up.  Cause it is still coming in. 
To change the subject from oil to radiation:  Have you seen the latest from Dr. Chris Busby, a renowned Nuclear expert who says that there was a radiation dump at the time of the BP Oil Spill Disaster?  There is still more that you need to look at.  It is a combination of things working together that will be felt for a long time.  There is no quick fix, and saying “it ain’t so” does not make it not so.

 The tourists are going to be sick.  This will prove itself to be true.  Don’t encourage tourists to “Come on down, the water’s fine!”,  because of the go-ahead clearance given by BP and the tourist development commission/board or the Coast Guard. Each of these groups are not reliable but have a vested interest. This kind of reporting borders on negligence.  Do your homework thoroughly before you go to print.  There are videos of spring breakers on Pensacola beaches lying in the sand playing with tarballs.  If it is in Pensacola, then, its effects will be felt here as well.  Corexit is higher dangerous and avoided at all costs.  Do not believe that a little corexit and a little radiation is not harmful to humans. 
Have you ever, ever, just once, received a report about the cause of any animals that have washed up onto the local beaches dead?  Used to be that the news tv told us that the animals were taken to Gulf World in PCB to be examined and that a cause of death would be forthcoming.  I don’t think the public ever got those reports.  Dig around and produce those reports that go back years.  The episodes of beached and dying marine life has increased tremendously. 

If you are in this business, be the best.  If you are a minion of the controlled mass media, don’t do any more than you have to.  And do what you are told.  The public wants the truth.  We can take it!

source: Anonymous

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