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Brave New FoundationBrave New Foundation Keystone XL Pipeline Protest

Group Aims to Halt Canada-Texas Tar Sands Pipeline

by Brendan Coffey

The Brave New Foundation, founded and led by documentary filmmaker Robert Greenwald, is calling on Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to halt a Canada-to-Texas pipeline being built by TransCanada that will benefit the business interests of billionaire brothers Charles and David Koch, claiming it is railroading homeowners and posing a threat to the vast freshwater aquifer supplying midwestern states. Says Greenwald,

The Keystone XL Pipeline has the potential for an environmental catastrophe similar to the BP oil spill. Homeowners and everyday Americans in the heartland stand to lose as the Koch brothers enrich their coffers through this dirty fuel money grab. We urge Hillary Clinton to say no to this proposal.

A likely problem: the man who headed Clinton’s presidential campaign’s communications operations, Paul Elliott, is a lobbyist for TransCanada. Since the pipeline involves Canada and the US, the Secretary of State has a say in its approval.

Greenwald, who I told you two weeks agostaged a ‘guerilla drive-in’ at Lincoln Center to highlight the political leanings of David Koch to Manhattan’s upper crust, is engaged in a year-long project to highlight the Koch’s conservative leanings and what Greenwald believes is the self-interest in many of the endeavors they fund.

Plains Justice, a northern plains states public interest group, pointed out the first Keystone XL pipeline, which open last summer, was built with substandard steel from India. A leak in the sprawling Ogallala Aquifer could contaminate the drinking water for millions of people, according to Brave New Foundation.

For its part, TransCanada notes in its promotional materials that it will be the safest pipeline ever constructed, adding

Natural oil deposits are also co–located with the Ogallala Aquifer. Seventeen Nebraska counties produce oil on top of this vast water resource. Oil is also produced on top of the Ogallala Aquifer in other states.

Greenwald argues in an op-ed for the UK’s Guardian newspaper

As if all of that wasn’t reason enough to call this a bad idea, Keystone XL is actually expected – by its operating company’s own admission – to raise the prices of oil in the Midwest, and not bring it down in the rest of the country.

The Koch Brothers own Flint Hills Resources, a Wichita, Kans. company which operates an export terminal at the starting point of the pipeline in Hardisty, Canada.

source: Group Aims to Halt Canada-Texas Tar Sands Pipeline – Brendan Coffey – Loaded – Forbes

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