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Corexit New Agent OrangeCorexit New Agent Orange

BP paid scientists on species, dead baby dolphins

by Deborah Dupre

New predatory fish species, popular seafood plagued

Scientists at a University of Central Florida gathering Thursday and Friday, coordinated by Florida Institute of Oceanography using a BP $10 million grant, reported on a degree of Gulf of Mexico ecological collapse occurring in unpredictable ways, new predatory Gulf species, popular formerly edible Gulf fish exhibiting signs of a fish plague, and the surge in dead baby dolphins.

These new events are occurring since the BP Horizon oil rig explosion and subsequent spraying of the lethal dispersant Corexit.

The scientists greatest concern is reportedly “some degree of ecological collapse is taking shape in ways they don’t yet have the knowledge or tools to measure or predict,” according to Kevin Spear of the Orlando Sentinel.

University of West Florida’s marine fisheries ecologist, William Patterson said there are “widespread reports along Florida’s Panhandle coast of popular seafood such as red snapper.”

He said the seafood reports include:

Large areas of rot
Missing fins
Strange colors
Parasites that cause bulging growths
Extensive loss of scales.

Professor Graham Worthy reported on the surge of dead baby dolphins of the Gulf. Worthy is among the 27 Florida scientists researching effects of the nation’s greatest Gulf disaster through a $10 million BP grant towards the Florida Institute of Oceanography, a group of scientists from public colleges across the country. (UCF SCIENTIST: BP OIL SPILL AFFECTS THE DOLPHINS)

According to the scientists, BP’s oil leak and Corexit application “might be leading to the abnormally large sum of dolphins dying within the Gulf of Mexico.”

In February 21010, the surge in dead baby dolphins was linked to human miscarriages and stillbirths. (See: “Censored Gulf news: Scientist links dead baby dolphins to human babies”) Some communities are reporting a surge in human miscarriages, such in south Louisiana.

Corexit, referred to by some as the New Agent Orange, is banned by other federal governments, its spraying officially halted in July according to officials, but is still being sprayed according to Gulf coast residents.

source: BP paid scientists on Gulf fish: plague, new species, dead baby dolphins – National Human Rights |

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