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Resort – Hotel is Developing a Social-Based, Interactive Platform Designed to Connect Out-Of-Town Visitors With Local Panama City Beach Restaurants and Attractions

A resort – hotel in Panama City Beach is developing a series of social-based initiatives to showcase local attractions and restaurants by providing a platform built around social engagement and authentic experiences.

Panama City Beach, FL (PRWEB) June 30, 2011

Following the recent launch of the Sandpiper Beacon Beach Resort Blog, the hotel is now focused on creating strategies to introduce vacationers to local businesses they might not otherwise experience. By encouraging engagement and interaction from business owners and guests alike, the Sandpiper intends to position itself as the go-to resource for the most up to date information about Panama City Beach, as well as enhancing the overall experience of those vacationing on the ‘World’s Most Beautiful Beaches’.

“In its simplest form, the Sandpiper Beacon’s blog will provide accurate and up to date knowledge about Panama City Beach and its many attractions, helping guests make informed decisions about where to go and what to do while on vacation”, says Patrick Hazard, General Manager at the Sandpiper. Those visiting the blog will be able to leave comments, ask their own questions, or respond to those previously asked; adding a level of interactivity and authenticity to the content, for readers to use when planning their Panama City Beach vacation.

“Authenticity is essential”, says Hazard. “If you’re considering a place you’ve never been before, there’s a real value in hearing about other people’s experiences.” With this in mind, the Sandpiper Beacon Beach Resort plans to surprise selected guests with an all expenses paid visit to the attraction or restaurant of their choosing. In return, guests will be asked to write a review of the business they visited, which will be featured on the Blog: good or bad.

“Based on observations of the official Panama City Beach Facebook page (which has over 200,000 “likes”), we’ve noticed that people planning to visit the area frequently request the unbiased and informed opinions of others”, says Hazard. Demonstrating the importance of genuine reviews like this, are businesses such as Tripadvisor and, both of which depend on the value of authentic reviews.

Longer-term goals of the Sandpiper Beacon include creating an open forum, in addition to the bog, allowing interested persons to ask their own questions about Panama City Beach. “The forum platform provides a central place to ask like-minded travelers for recommendations and other specific questions” according to Hazard. “These can be detailed, such as recommendations for beachfront vegetarian restaurants with a kids menu, or a more simple; “Where is the best place to play Mini Golf?” An additional benefit of the forum platform over a blog, is the ability for vacationers to solicit opinions about specific places they are interested in visiting, while in Panama City Beach.

The Sandpiper doesn’t consider their investment in initiatives like these as anything out of the ordinary. Says Hazard; “Helping provide our guests with a memorable and fun vacation has always been a priority of ours. If we are able to do this, as well as help better educate guests about all that Panama City Beach has to offer, then everybody wins.”

Panama City Beach attractions or restaurants interested in additional information about these initiatives should email info(at)sandpiperbeacon(dot)com for more details.

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Patrick Hazard
Sandpiper Beacon Beach Resort
(850) 234-2154

source: Resort – Hotel is Developing a Social-Based, Interactive Platform Designed to Connect Out-Of-Town Visitors With Local Panama City Beach Restaurants and Attractions – Yahoo! News

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