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Carolina Crab CakesCarolina Crab Cakes

Our Story

For Robert Thompson, growing up in the Carolinas meant summers at the coast on a sailboat or with a cast net. There was always plenty of seafood to eat – shrimp, fish, crab, oysters – and from a young age, Robert was in the kitchen learning family recipes and creating his own signature meals.

Seafood and sauces became Robert’s specialties. As he worked with various chefs throughout his life, he gleaned bits and pieces that culminated in a true passion for the art of cooking. Of all his dishes, his delicious crab cakes consistently won praise, and customers and friends kept asking, “Where can I get more of these?” Thus, the idea for CarolinaCrabCakes was born.

Upon developing the idea for their business, Robert and his wife Charley decided their venture should have a worthwhile impact on the world around them. As a couple committed to environmental stewardship, they agreed that a portion of the proceeds from CarolinaCrabCakes will go to land and wildlife preservation. Also out of respect for the rich coastal Carolina culture, they will make every effort to use local resources for their ingredients and supplies. These promises remain important components of the business’ mission.

World-renowned artist, Jonathan Green, shares the Thompsons’ interest in preserving coastal Carolina culture and land. As a fan of Robert’s delicious crab cakes, Green expressed his support of CarolinaCrabCakes with the loan of his stirring image “Inlet Bounty.”

source : CarolinaCrabCakes :: Gourmet Crab Cakes

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