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chicago-federal-league-baseball-park-1914-300x188Federal Sports League Jobs

These days, ideas are hard to come by, so are jobs. It seems like all the fun jobs go to the rich and powerful. Actors, politicians, wrestlers, etc., all who draw a crowd or who are on the tube.

America loves fame, and America loves sports.

So why not create leagues open to all. Employ coaches and trainers for all sports: tennis , football, baseball, hockey etc.. Leagues for ex felons, highschool drop-outs, ex athletes, former coaches.

Create some excitement, get people in shape, get the kids off the streets.. At some point charge admission, and pay the government back.

The NFL started small with few people watching.

Make jobs people want to do, they don’t want to push a shovel.

Federal Leagues

1915Chicago Federal League Baseball Park

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