Mesa Restaurants – Village Mini Market

mesa restaurant 1Mesa Restaurants – Village Mini Market

Gyros for under $5.00

I just moved back from New Orleans where food is king. Trying not to eat any local seafood while I lived there because of the oil spill, I ate a lot of Subway subs, fried chicken and gyros.

Now that I live in Mesa, I have been lucky to find a great Mesa restaurant in my neighborhood. Its more like a deli counter inside a mini mart. Whats very cool about it, is the view. When you sit at the counter you have this great view of Gilbert Rd. It’s so open and bright, it makes the food taste better.

mesa restaurants 4Whats great about the food, is that it is made with TLC. I met the owners on my first visit and they could not have been nicer, so I decided to blog about them. So this is my “word of mouth” indorsement of this establishment. I am sure that after having the most affordable Gyro in Mesa, you will be telling all your friends as well.

This Mesa restaurant is set back off the street, at the corner of Gilbert and Brown on the northwest corner, so if you are driving by you may just assume it’s a mom and pop convenient store, which it is. But once inside you will discover the one of the best places for gyros, pizzas, salads and subs in Mesa.

mesa restaurants 3

 Village Mini Mart 480 969 0606 10 am to 9 pm 1224 N. Gilbert Rd. Mesa AZ

Mesa Restaurants /

Mesa Restaurants

Restaurants in Mesa

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