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The 99 PercentThe 99 Percent Fight On

The Fight of the 99 Percent


Yesterday 700 people were arrested after swarming the Brooklyn Bridge. This event was the first time I personally read any popular media coverage of the Wall Street protests, which have been going on for two weeks now.

Citizens of our country have been protesting for economic and political change. The U.S. was born with the idea of fighting for liberty, democracy, and justice. That is what these protestors are fighting for-the ideals of our origins. They want to live in a society that is ruled by the 99 percent of this country that is not in the uppercrest of society, instead of the one percent that does rule it now such as Wall Street.

This one percent is the reason why these protests were not more frequently reported in the media sooner. Both Wall Street and the New York government do not want the bad publicity associated with the police violence of these demonstrations. These two groups run the economic and political arenas of our country, thus the demands of these protests lies with them. No communication outreach has been made by either Wall Street or the government to listen to these demands. This lack of communication indicates that we do not live in the democracy we claim, we live in a “shut up or you’ll be arrested” society.

The reason the U.S. public knows the truth of these protests is due to YouTube videos posted by the protestors. This is not the written propaganda that sparkd the revolution of our country in th 1770′s. This is real life footage displaying what is really going on in New York City. Where the media fails in reporting the truth of these protests, citizens are stepping up to the plate to inform others of the cause.

With this idea in mind, one video that really stood out to me of the riots included the protestors chanting, “The whole world is watching.” What a powerful phrase. It means that the one percent that run our country can hide no longer. They cannot pay anyone or pressure anyone else into failing to report the truth of these protests. The internet gives power to citizens to post what they see and say how they feel. The whole world gets to watch this fight for democracy and see any injustices happen during this fight.

The Bill of Rights grants U.S. citizens the right to a peaceful assembly. In any video I have seen of these riots there were no guns, knives, or beatings done by the protestors. What I did see were people penned up like animals with a net, maced in the face, and arrested on the charges of disorderly conduct by the police. This is not acceptable. We have been guaranteed certain rights for hundreds of years, and taking them away now goes against everything the U.S. stands for. How can our goverment preach democracy to other nations when its citizens are arrested for wanting their voices to be heard?

This 99 percent has yet to be scared out of their fight no matter what the police do. Hopefully they are the change that the government has failed to achieve. Even if they do not, I still believe these protests will go down in history. They demonstrate the spark of passion for justice that the U.S. occasionally has shown in the past such as the Civil Rights movement or the Vietnam protests. Passion will keep their fight for true democracy going.

source: The Fight Of The 99 Percent | Business 2 Community

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