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Chia Seeds

Chia SeedsMexican chia seeds could help you to lose weight

by Dee Mason

In today’s world of mass-produced food people are becoming less healthy and are not getting the essential nutrients they need. One way to boost your nutrient intake and energy levels is by eating chia seeds. These tiny oval-shaped seeds are a mixture of brown, white, black, and grey color. On average they only measure around 1mm in diameter and are renowned as quite an oily seed. The chia seed originated in Mexico, and for a long time most of the world’s supply of this particular seed came from Mexico. Now several Central American countries grow the seed, and currently Australia produces the highest amount of this nutritional seed.

This seed was widely used in ancient Mexico and Central America because of its high nutritional value. People would eat the seeds to provide them with extra energy, prevent dehydration, and enrich their bodies with essential minerals and nutrients. The seed contains a high level of omega-3 oil, and it also provides the body with calcium, sodium, potassium, and manganese. In fact, the Aztecs held such a high regard for chia seeds that they were often used as currency within their society. They were so well-known for their vitamin and mineral content that people would swap them for things that they needed.

They are a great source of protein, fiber and fat, and are very versatile as a food. You can grind them up to add to meals, put them into drinks, bake them into bread or cakes, and just eat them by themselves raw. It is easy to put a small bag of chia seeds in your pocket and eat them throughout the day. Before the age of long haul shipping and truck rental these seeds were not easily available to people outside of the areas where they were grown. But now they can be found in most health food shops. By supplementing these seeds for the things that you like to snack on, like chocolate, doughnuts or other fatty foods, you will give your body essential nutrients and lose weight at the same time.

editors note: I like chia seeds in brownies, spaghetti sauce and yogurt.

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3 Responses to Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill Blog Chia Seeds

  1. mysticseeds says:

    Buena información Básica y muy elemental, gracias por compartir

  2. I thought something is not right with the title, chia seeds oil spill. Such a catchy title for discussing the health benefits of chia seeds. Nice one!

  3. Justa Heinemeyer says:

    I really like to munch chia seeds just for the vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals that i can get from it. ;

    Look at all of the freshest article on our blog

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